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Please be advised that all accommodation bookings booked and paid for prior to the COVID-19 breakout will be refunded to voucher in full due to the grace period and the president’s announcement.

Guests who paid and booked ANY accommodation BEFORE the president’s speech on 15 March 2020 will have one of two options available to them:

Option 1: Penalty free change to your booking, guests can make one penalty free change to each paid or partially paid booking. In or out season booking fee differences will still apply. These changes must be made before the last day of April 2020 or option 2 below will become effective immediately.

Option 2: Paid or partially accommodation can be refunded to voucher. A penalty fee of R500 will be charged per booking and vouchers will be valid for 6 months only from date of issue. Vouchers will be valid for redemption within 6 months*, that is to say that vouchers can be used to book accommodation again as long as they are used within 6 months* of issue.

Management may amend these conditions in favour of the client at their own discretion. We do not know wat effect COVID-19 will have on our country going forward, as it has already had a huge effect on our establishment. We are taking every measure to ensure that our guests are safe in our environment.